What's New?

New Beers on Tap...

We Currently have Stella on the Main Tap.  On Deck one is a a Shocktop Pumpkin.  In reserves is a keg of Moosehead.

"Themed" Happy Hours will resume...

There always seems to be plenty of things in life that need to be celebrated!  Whether it be "Support your local Mason Day" or  "Prostate Hea;th Week" or  "Keep your local Hepatologist in Business Month", life is too short not to kick back and lift a toast to something!  Come and take part in the celebration of the day...  Our next celebration is "SNOW DAYS!"  See the Events page for further details!

"Now booking"

If you haven't noticed by now we like to have a good time.    The  Thirsty Beaver is open to participate in your next significant event.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other celebratory evemts in life can  be  passed in a memorable (or lack of recollection)  way.  Just let us know and give us an excuse to open up the drafts...

Live Music

While the stage remains in production, we still have openings to kick back free style and jam!


Yes, as we all know the Thirsty Beaver is not fully completed.  (No that yellow stuff hanging from the ceilings is not a design element!)  Construction is Resuming!  The Burlap Ceiling will be going up with trim.  Thanks to Andy for so many ideas to help.  If it doesn't look good, complaints can be forwarded to him!  :-)

Phase II

But wait, the Thirsty Beaver isn't done.  True, but in visionary form it has taken 7 years to come to fruitation, so it is never to early to begin planning phase of the "Beaver Den"  Currently planned as a state of the art Home Theater,.  Designs  are being planned.  It should house a 108 inch HD screen, with Klipsch Reference Series 9.2 Surround System with stadium seating.  Completion date is anticipated in late winter of 2013-14.   Please go to the Beaver Den web page for further details.